Ubisoft E3 2012 Conference Summary

It’s Ubisofts turn to take the stage at E3 2012 and it’s time to check out some of their games for this year and the next.


  • Just Dance 4 trailer
  • Far Cry 3 demo and trailer
  • Splitner Cell: Blacklist trailer
  • The Avengers: Battle for Earth trailer
  • Rayman Legends demo for the Wii U using the Wii U pro controller
  • Zombi U trailer (exclusive Wii U game)
  • Wii U montage
  • Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer and demo
  • Shoot Mania demo and competition
  • Ubisoft Online montage
  • Watch Dogs announced (trailer and demo)

Ubisoft’s conference was a bit awkward at times, but fortunately enough, the games out shined those moments. Far Cry 3 was simply amazing and it is definitely shaping up to be quite a contender.  They didn’t show any Splinter Cell: Blacklist gameplay like they did at the Microsoft conference, but the trailer really shook up the room. Furthermore, Ubisoft, unlike EA, focused on the Wii U which perhaps was a bit more interesting to see things move towards Nintendo’s next product. Assassin’s Creed 3 was also amazing and the tree climbing was very fluid and felt natural.

A nice surprise was also Watch Dogs, which is  a third person shooter where you play a hacker that has access to everyone’s information. The player is charged with associating with various contacts and investigating your surrounds in a stunning and realistic world. In the end it was quite an impressive compilation of games and the conference was pretty entertaining.