Blizzard Facing Investigation Over Diablo III Refunds

In South Korea, land of super fast internet connections.

As stated by Korea’s Fair Trade Commission, on Tuesday the government agency raided Blizzard’s Korean offices in a probe seeking incriminating evidence against Blizzard regarding Diablo III‘s contract terms. As most Diablo III players around the world have noticed, Blizzard’s server output has been severely lacking since launch with a myriad of errors and server downtimes (including one for the American servers as of this post).

Some South Koreans, frustrated with the downtime, have asked Blizzard for a full refund, which the company refused citing contract agreements. This in turn, led to hundreds of complaints being filed to the Fair Trade Commission which led to the probe. The aim of the investigation appears to be targeting whether the user contracts given in Diablo III were written unfairly towards the consumer. If Blizzard is found guilty, the agency may then force a refund order.

Considering how big Blizzard games are in South Korea, such an investigation might not be surprising at all; the company has faced governmental scrutiny before. However this time, I’m slightly less inclined to side with Blizzard.

Via Shacknews
The Korea Times