Upcoming Starcraft 2 beta for everyone?

By now a lot of you have heard about the highly anticipated Starcraft 2 beta, but how exactly do they plan to structure it? Will it be a closed or open beta? Fortunately, “Kicho at the Korean Battle.net forums have cleared this out for us.”

There has been some speculation online if the StarCraft 2 beta would start out as an exclusive Friends & Family beta that only Blizzard people, press and other VIPs like pro gamers would get in to. Kicho at the Korean Battle.net forums have cleared this out for us. He said “the Beta test will not just involve industry experts and other VIPs but rather will involve all fans of the franchise”.

This could mean there will be an OPEN beta period of testing after the initial one that only some have keys for!

The interesting thing here is first to note what Blizzard has said before: StarCraft II won’t get a F&F beta. They have had an internal beta since at least BlizzCon 2008, where “all employees” had access (before that, not even Xordiah had access in the beginning), but with the number of people now in the company, they likely did not need an F&F beta like Wrath of the Lich King (since it’s an MMO, and a smaller numbers before the masses are still useful).

The beta itself will be useful for these mass numbers, but will likely be phased in. So despite it all being ONE beta period, just because you have a key does not mean you’re in at first light. Might be a few days, or even weeks. This is how it has worked in the past. Might be instant this time, might not.

Also, a VERY important thing to point out is that some things might have been lost in translation. It could just mean that Kicho talks about fans who already have keys, and the fact that all fans till have a CHANCE to get in to the beta through key giveaway on fansites like StarCraft: IncGamers.

Unfortunately, it seems that this piece of information could be wrong as stated in the quote. Hopefully, we will all have a chance to participate in the beta.

Source: incgamers.com