Industry to Transition to 20nm and 14nm

It looks like only a few of the big companies will be able to take the leap to a 20nm and later a 14nm manufacturing process. In order to be eligible for the process companies must buy in bulk and need to “…amortize costs over at least 100 million devices.” Thus, only companies such as NVIDIA, Intel, Qualcomm, TI, AMD, and IBM will be able to afford the new processing node. According to the source, the transition to 20nm from 28nm will happen mid 2013 and be widely adopted by 2014. The good news is that the 40nm, 32nm, and 28nm nodes will become much cheaper as the top dogs (AMD, Nvidia, Intel,etc) move towards 20nm and 14nm.

In addition, the shift to the 14nm node is nicknamed “the big one” and will be used by Intel’s next CPUs, which are given code names of Broadwell (comes after Hasewell) and Skylake (which comes out sometime in 2015/2016).