Nvidia announced the GTX 690

I have to say the card in the picture above is the best looking video card I have EVER seen. I’m not kidding either. I love everything about Nvidia’s design of the card. I’ll let Nvidia tell you about what this thing is:

The fan housing is made from injection molded magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloys are used throughout the automotive and aerospace industry (including the engines of the Bugatti Veyron and F-22 Raptor) for their light weight, heat dissipation and acoustic dampening properties – which is the same reason we use it in the GTX 690.

As you can see in the image there is a polycarbonate window letting you see inside. The PCB is 10 layers made out of the 2 ounces of cooper with two GK104 cores and all the normally protruding parts have been shaved down to maximize airflow. Nvida claims the fan will run between 36 and 46db (idle/load respectively) and that they have spent more than three times the amount of money on this cooler than any other they have designed.

The base clock will be 915Mhz with a boost of up to 1015Mhz, but [H]ardOCP heard the number 1300Mhz thrown around when talking about overclocking. The lower default clock was probably done to keep it under 300 watts TDP (it has 10 phase power, by the way).

The 590 has 4GB of GDDR5 with 2GB per GPU. Although that seems low even at extreme resolutions we’re not quite hitting a VRAM limitation. Each GK104 chip has it’s own 16x PCI-E 3.0 slot, if this thing performs where I’m thinking it does we might be close pushing PCI-E 2.0’s limits.

Nvidia has refused to comment on price, but the number $899 has been unofficially thrown around. Don’t take it as anything solid though, but I would not doubt it. This card is not a limited production card even though there will not be a lot of stock at launch. Nvidia is talking in the thousands of units for all of North America, but they plan to sell it for around a year.

Does it sound like I’m gushing over this thing? Probably because I am. I absolutely freaking love the design of the card and how well it sounds like Nvidia has put together the entire package. At $900 there is absolutely no chance I will ever buy one, but I am going to be drooling over it. If its $750-$800 I might be seriously tempted to find a way to buy one though. Of course my gushing may change completely once it launches as I am expecting great things out of this card. I can say that this is the first dual-GPU card I’ve ever been this interested in from either company. If AMD plans to do a dual-GPU card in the future it sounds like they have a lot to compete against right now.

HardOCP has some more images including ones with the shroud and heatsink off.

Source: HardOCP