Nvidia Claims PS3/360 GPU Power to Come to Mobile Devices by 2014

Mobile devices now support more memory than consoles, but graphics processing power is still lacking. Now, Nvidia is touting that a future Tegra release could equal the GPU capabilities within the current gen consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360).

According to the graph, mobile graphics performance will continue to see significant improvements. However, most mobile devices are limited to touch controls, which are only viable for causal games. Even then analog joy sticks aren’t the best for shooters. Not to mention you can also built a high end PC, where as console gamers cannot. So, there will most certainly still be a place for PC gaming. The largest threat may be towards console gaming, as phones can integrate a similar control scheme. Recall the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, it is a pretty solid concept, but again lacks the required performance. And, of course smart phones should be able to interface with an HDTV via HDMI or via a wireless connection similar to what Intel currently implements (WiDi). Thus, it will be interesting to see how this may impact the console crowd and how more capable mobile devices will change gaming.

Source: vr-zone.com