Epic Ready to start an Epic war with Crytek

Back in the day Epic was mainly a PC focused company. However, their position changed rather quickly once the Xbox 360 and PS3 came into focus. Now it’s Crytek’s turn to jump ship to consoles. Crytek is still making a PC version of Crysis 2, but does the new engine pose a threat to Epic on the console side? It seems Epic doesn’t exactly know what to make of it either. Epic has had quite a few game developers use their engine, but Cryengine 3 can render a game on all three platforms (PC, PS3, Xbox 360). It seems that Cryenigne 3 could still be a threat to Epic.

…they’ve yet to ship an Xbox 360 game and we’re five years in. It surprises me that people take them seriously as a crossplatform engine company. We don’t know how to compete against a company that hasn’t shipped yet. It’s all potential, so we’ll see.

Source: edge-online.com