Epic Games Has Secret PC Exclusive Game in The Works

We have all seen the impressive Samaritan demo, which ran on the Unreal 3 engine. The demo was running on 3 GTX 580s while sporting some awesome effects. Now, it seems Epic games wants to take the first step back into the past where they used to develop more PC oriented titles.

Yes, that’s right, Epic Games used to focus more on the PC side of things in the past, but then they completely switched to the point of developing some console only exclusive titles. In addition, Epic has had some choice words towards PC gamers in the past. Since then, Epic Games has done some great things for PC gaming specifically with their UDK platform. However, this is still some what of a surprise for both PC gamers and console gamers that have followed the company.

So, why the sudden change of heart? Is it because of their development kit? Maybe this a is a response to the demand for hardware to run the Samaritan tech demo they showed in the past, or maybe this is due to something Mark Rein stated last August at Gamescom in Germany:

Everyone knows the middle class is disappearing from the console business. Gears of War I hope will do really well, but a pretty good game doesn’t make its money back any more. A game like Homefront sells a couple of million copies and they close the studio, right? You don’t want to see what happens to an industry where it’s Call of Duty, Halo and Gears and no-one else has enough money to make any games any more. That’s not a fun industry. I can’t bet my entire company every time I make a game. That’s a really dangerous business. It’s nice to target the PC as a primary platform again, not just for ports.

So, perhaps they can’t keep up with the costs of development on larger titles. What ever the reason may be one thing is clear, Epic Games is set on developing a PC exclusive title. In fact, Cliff Bleszinski, the guy behind Gears of Wars, will be the creative lead behind the title. Here’s what Epic Games President, Mike Capps, told Joystiq.com after the annoucnement:

…Mike Capps told us after the panel that the unannounced PC project is currently underway, and that the current plans are to keep the game exclusive to the PC platform. Unsurprisingly, he wouldn’t tell us anything else.

Yes, this is the real deal ladies and gentlemen. Will we see a huge fleshed out AAA title with graphics resembling the Unreal 3 Samaritan demo? At this point in time your guess is as good as mine.