OCZ Vertex 4 Revealed Plus Review Round Up

OCZ is set on claiming back the SSD market from their competitors. If you have been behind closed doors when it comes to solid states drives, basically OCZ’s SSDs had some major issues with its memory controllers. OCZ used the SandForce memory controllers for many of its SSDs while competitors such as Crucial used a more stable Marvell controller.

However, OCZ acquired Indilinx and they stopped using SandForce controllers. Instead they used Indilinx’s Barefoot memory controller in their SATA 2 SSD lineup which was dubbed the Vertex series (Not to be confused with the SATA 3 Vertex 1, 2, and 3 variants). The new Vertex 4 will use the Indilinx Everest 2 memory controller on the SATA 3 interface.

In addition, OCZ had a countdown that expired on their website and reviews are starting to pop up onto the web:


OCZ claims that the drive has read speeds of around 535MBps, 85K 4K IOPS, and 120K max IOPS. The write speeds differ with size. The larger the SSD the faster the write speeds (200MBps write = 200GB model and 475MBps write = 512GB model). So far the drive seems rather promising especially if you check out the CrystalDiskMark benchmarks in the reviews you will note that the Vertex 4 is great when dealing with incompressible data and small file sizes.