Robert Bowling Donated $7500 to Project Takedown

The mysterious donor that gave $7500 to the Project Takedown kickstarter has been revealed. Oddly enough it’s none other than former Creative Strategist of Call of Duty and former lead at Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling (aka fourzertwo) that donated to the tactical shooter project.

No, this isn’t some April fools prank as Serellen, the developer behind Poject Takedown, stated that it was in fact Robert Bowling who donated $7500 on their website.

Yes, Mr. Bowling is the $7,500 pledger

According to the kickstarter page, Mr. Bowling gets to have an awesome LAN party hosted by Christian Allen.

Christian Allen, the creative director of the game, will fly to your hometown to host a LAN party for you and your friends. Lower 48 States only. Includes all previous rewards.

While Robert Bowling’s past doesn’t exactly line up with tactical shooters like the old Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games, it certainly is a nice gesture towards the project. In fact, Bowling showed a lot of enthusiasm towards the project in a post on the Serellen forums.

In all seriousness though, this was no doubt a team effort getting to the goal! I’m just stoked to get a true tactical FPS to fall in love with again.