Valve HL3 April Fools Tops Them All

Every now and then you come across an April fools that completely catches you off guard, well someone out there just managed to do that with the entire Steam community. If you misspelled the Steam Store page or you were linked by a friend on April first you we directed to another URL by the name of (note the extra p) and treated to quite the scene. Yep, there was Half-Life 3 listed for $60, and when you clicked on the listing you were treated to the image below.

Gabe Newell 1, Anxious Half-Life fans 0. In addition, the fake URL with the extra P will be taken down soon and it is unclear if this was done by Valve themselves or just someone with a lot of dedication to fool those on April 1st. For more April fools don’t forget to head on over to our break down: Click Here