Nvidia GTX 680 Pictured

Is the GK104 really the GTX 680? It’s time to take a look at Nvidia’s next GPU. While were waiting for benchmarks why not take a look at the final product?

The GTX 680 will have a TDP of 190W, 1536 Steam Processors (CUDA Cores), 2GB of GDDR5 RAM at 6 GHz, 300mm² die size, 28nm manufacturing technology, and a $549 price tag. It is rumored to be either 10% or 40% faster than the HD7970.

However, an observation that many enthusiasts mention is that this could actually be Nvidia’s mid range card branded as a high end GPU. In other words, due to the lack of expected performance gains associated with AMD’s 7 series, Nvidia is holding back. So, instead of releasing the “real” GTX 680 (supposedly the GK110), they are re-branding what was going to be a GTX 660 (GK104) as the GTX 680.

This means that the target GPU for the GTX 680 may actually become the GTX 780. This conclusion can be drawn by the smaller than expected die size and the graphic’s card length (9.5″ instead of 10.5″). In sum, this may or may not be Nvidia’s true high end offering, but there are obvious features that allude to the validity of these enthusiast based speculations.

Source: Fudzilla.com, techpowerup.com