Battlefield 3 to get 3 Expansion Packs

DLC, expansion packs, whatever you want to call them, DICE is gearing up to shoot them your way soon. While Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is gearing up for it’s overpriced map pack it’s time we see something from the other side of the camp. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters will be the first DLC taking to the battlefield. Unfortunately, yes, it will just be a map pack which consists of 4 close quarter maps and it will be a one week PS3 exclusive.

Fortunately, for those who want some more weapons and vehicles, the next two packs will deliver. The Armoured Kill DLC hits back home and it will provide us with new vehicles and huge open maps and the End Game pack will supposedly add new weapons and vehicles into the mix. Furthermore there is good news for console gamers. DICE is going to implement a “rent a server” system in which console gamers can rent their own servers and customize them to their liking, which is similar to how PC gamers currently rent their own servers for the game.