Rumor: Diablo 3 Release Date Leaked

The Italian branch of Activision has released a statement, which suggests Diablo 3 will be released sooner than you may think. April 17th is supposedly the date in which Diablo3 will finally be released. You can check out the loosely translated statement from Activision below:

Activision Italy has revealed to Italy’s biggest retailers Diablo III release date, yet to be officially confirmed worldwide by Blizzard but solid enough to be trusted. It’ll be on 17 April and the prices are fixed at 54,90€ for the standard edition and 89,90€ for the CE. I would add that, for what it’s worth, yesterday I went to Mediaworld here in Italy and for the first time I saw the preorder box for Diablo III that on the rear side had written: “For sale in April”.

Furthermore, Jay Wilson, Game Director of Diablo III, stated that on a scale from 1 to 10 that Diablo 3’s release date announcement was at a 9, which means the official date, whatever it actually is, will be announced soon.

Of course, when Jay Wilson was pressed about the April 17th release date he replied that he could neither confirm nor deny the validity of the date.