More Assassins Creed 3 Info: Main Character Revealed

More information has managed to leak out about the upcoming game, Assassins Creed 3. Your main character’s name is Conner. He is the son of a British soldier and Native American woman. A portion of the game will feature the country side, but later on you will visit Boston, New York. As previously mentioned, the game takes place during the Revolutionary War. As Conner you will mostly side with the Americans and meet historical figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Charles Lee.

The weather will also change depending on the season from either a dark snowy and cloudy atmosphere in the winter to a bright and vibrant atmosphere in the summer. Conner has a tomahawk which can be used to chain kill enemies in addition to using opponents as human shields. This time when you get 100% sync in a mission you will be rewarded. Additionally, you can now fast travel to locations, which is nice considering the area in AC3 is suppose to be 1.5 times larger than in Brotherhood. Also, those who didn’t favor that whole Den Defense scenario from Revelations will be happy to learn that this gaming mechanic will not be making a return in AC3.