The Last Of Us Screens Emerge

And they are very Naughty Dog-ish, considering the number of cauliflower-fungi crazies running around. No more grey and dismal environments like Fallout 3, nor desert environments with rusty, corrugated sheet metal like Australia Rage, Naughty Dog is bringing in the foliage.

In line with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, the green plants and the colorful tone brings a new perspective in the question of what if plants actually keep growing? While I know it may be difficult to believe for folks in this day and age, plants actually don’t need humans around to continue growth.

Unless a gigantic nuclear weapon comes along.

Meanwhile, lets also hope that Ellie, the female teenage protagonist of the game, can pull her own weight and not turn into an Ashley Graham.

You can find the rest of the screens at the source below.