How to Make Diablo 3 Look More Like Diablo 2

Are you one of those hardcore Diablo 2 fans that think Diablo 3 needs to look Darker? If so, then this is the right mod for you. After that petition to make Diablo 3 generally more darker and less colorful Blizzard ended up sticking to their guns and they kept the original art style. While some fans have looked past this complaint, there is still a feeling in the back of some individuals’ minds that the game could have had a style that is more inline with areas of the previous games.

However, a youtube user by the name of Pyloneer has taken a mod from skyrim and tweaked it for Diablo 3. Basically, this adds a DLL file along with some shader filters to Diablo 3 to give it a sharper and darker tone. The overlay itself does not replace any files. The author describes it in a similiar manner to how fraps or evga precision works with their overlay portions of the program.

In addition, the mod can create some issues while using fraps or EVGA precision in terms of the overlay. Personally, when I used EVGA precision the EVGA fps overlay was hidden with the mod installed. Considering I usually get around a solid 60fps it wasn’t a big deal to keep track of my fps, but it is something to note. Here’s a video playthrough I made that basically shows me toying around with the overlay:

Furthermore, here’s a few download links in order of intensity (Note in the video I am using the strong version with the sharpness filter):

Normal effect
Normal (without sharpness)
Medium effect
Medium effect (without sharpness)
Lesser effect
Lesser (without sharpness)
Stronger effect
Stronger (without sharpness)
Hard core
Hard core (without sharpness)
Just sharpness, nothing else

To install, just uzip the version you choose and place the files and folders into the Diablo 3 directory. Then when you launch the game press the pause button on your keyboard to toggle it on or off. Also, you should not be prompted to replace anything when copying the files to the diablo 3 folder. That’s all there is to it. Enjoy the sharper and darker overlay for Diablo 3.