DICE Needs Anti-Cheat Man

As their premier Battlefield 3 game appears to be infested with cheating cheaters. No, we’re not talking about MAV users and M320 huggers, we’re talking about the aimbots and the wallhacks and the absolute failure of Punkbuster.

The job description, posted on Monster.com, looks for these things:

• Analyze player behavior data and process reports from the public.
• Work with account restrictions
• Monitor and keep up to date with the cheating community online.
• Actively share status reports with key stake holders
• Be active with our community and monitor game play status
• Take ownership of the cause and promote fair play both internally and externally

Or in other words, an over glorified forum lurker. Should you be interested, it would most certainly help if you knew Danish, or Norwegian, or… where is DICE located anyway?