Company of Heroes 2 Confirmed?

COH is considered one of the best RTS games created and it looks like there may be a sequel on the way. THQ isn’t exactly in the best position financially and as you can imagine they have some major sequels to their high profile IPs planned. In an invester announcement THQ CEO, Brian Farrell, stated that we can expect to see new games such as Darksiders 2, Metro: Last Light, an unannounced Warhammer 40K title, and a new Company of Heroes title.

Unfortunately, at this time we can’t confirm if this new title will be a full blown out sequel, but we can sure hope and pray in the mean time. Also, before you start to speculate that this is Company of Heroes online, it is important to note that COH online was canceled. So, there will in fact be a new COH game on the horizon, but will it be the sequel that we are waiting for?