More Rumors: Xbox Style

What?! I can’t play used games on my new Xbox System? Noooooo!

Thankfully, it’s called a rumor for a reason. Kotaku has added to the speculation fire with sources of their own stating that the next Xbox (many using the placeholder Xbox 720) may use an Xbox Live account chain new games to a player’s account, preventing any used games from working on other consoles. You can bet every rental and used game store in existence will have their ears perked up.

Other, less dire rumors about the machine state that Microsoft will be adopting the Blu-Ray format, introducing the Kinect 2, and redesigning the controller yet again to be smaller. Bad news for people with big hands everywhere since they got rid of the Duke.

Nothing new nor concrete has appeared on the internal hardware front, unless someone wants to ninja their way into a Foxconn manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China.

Naturally, like most companies, Microsoft has responded with a “we refuse to comment about rumors and speculation” message. We’ll keep you posted.