Diablo 3 Gameplay Changes Inbound

Instead of releasing the game there will be yet another series of beta patches. This can be a little irritating for some who think that the current system is fine and are really just looking forward to the game’s release.

So, what changes does Blizzard have in mind? Well, they plan to try out the following changes:

-Scrolls of Identification are no longer in the game
-Moving the fifth quick slot button, which is becoming a dedicated potion button
-Removal of the Mystic artisan
-Remove the Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube
-The Blacksmith artisan will now salvage items
-Common (white) items will no longer be salvageable
-Core character attributes changed to Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, and Vitality

Here’s a breakdown of how each attribute affects each class:

+Barbarian damage

+Demon Hunter damage
+Monk damage

+Wizard damage
+Witch Doctor damage
+Health from globes


In addition, the inventory window will now include access and view the player’s core attributes and statistics.

And finally, the Stone of Recall will now simply be called Town Portal.

The main concerns that most players share are the removal of the Cauldron of Jordan, Nephalem Cube, and reducing white item to provide no value for the player. For those who are not familiar with Diablo 3’s mechanics, these cubes allow you to salvage items for gold or crafting material on the go and keeps the players fighting longer. This alleviates some of the frequent town breaks that many players experience. However, since these are gone, the Blacksmith within town will take over the role of salvaging items for crafting materials.

Additionally, white items can no longer be broken down and they sell for pennies as it stands. So, financially white items are also worthless. Blizzard’s reasoning is that the players will forget about white items and just focus on Magic and Rare items for crafting. Blizzard also reasons that it will give the players more of a “PiƱata” like feeling when an item of interest does pop up.

While it sounds good in theory, it is questionable how this will play out. This does reduce town breaks in a way since no one will even bother picking up white items to sell or to craft. Still, it is good to at least hear some news from Blizzard as the weeks tick away.

Source: US.Battle.Net/D3