Sharp 85″ TV with 8K Resolution

What would CES be without an 8K resolution display? It seems almost every year we see one of these 4K or 8K resolution displays. Well, this time Sharp wants to flex their display muscles with their own 85 inch 8K (actually 7680×4320 for 16:9) TV. That’s 16 times the amount of pixels compared to 1080p (1920×1080).

Sharp uses the term Super Hi-Vision for its UHDTV (LG will just use UltraHD with its 4K TV). This mammoth TV won’t be available until sometime between 2020-2025 (that’s when some broadcasters plan to provide 8K content). So, expect to see more 8K displays emerge at CES as the years tick away.

At some points in the video it almost looks like 3D without the glasses.