Rumor: Diablo 3 Release Date February 1st

A Best Buy in Minnesota had quite an interesting poster that had the release date for Diablo 3. The poster, in the picture above, also mentions a midnight opening. The display in question is quite convincing and it has also been confirmed that the photo is real.

However, the poster was taken down in the store after this photo hit the web. Oddly enough, the poster was not removed under Blizzard’s request. Instead, Best Buy’s general manager requested the poster’s removal since they felt the release date from the manufacturer was not “very firm”.

Furthermore, as you may have already guessed, Blizzard’s community manager, Bashiok, dismissed the whole thing via his twitter account:

The word is lol. We can’t really keep every individual retail shop from making up a date. Retailers will not know a date until it’s officially announced through a press release.

Is this rumor already smashed? Unfortunately, that actually may be the case. However, it is rather interesting that Best Buy would make a poster with an exact date combined with a midnight launch. We will keep you posted as more information makes the heavens tremble.