Sony, Nintendo, & EA Drop SOPA Support; GoDaddy Changes Stance

While their concern about piracy is understandable, it’s a reassuring fact that the companies have found some sense in not supporting the bill. That or it might be threats from a certain group.

As most of you netizens may have known by now, the incredibly restrictive SOPA bill is in hot discussion across the internet and has been causing some shifts in internet activity.

Just this week, (which hosts this very site by the way) reversed its decision on SOPA and pulled support from it after a dedicated campaign started on Reddit called for the movement of domains away from the offending provider. Today, perhaps in an effort to further contain the damage, GoDaddy has openly spoken out against SOPA and now officially opposes it.

On the gaming front, three earlier supporters of the SOPA bill (Sony, Nintendo, and EA) have quietly removed themselves from the list of supporters on the official SOPA list. This comes right after Anonymous uploaded a video threatening an imminent attack on Sony’s infrastructure for their support of the bill. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift are also listed as targets.

Whether the three gaming companies pulled their support because of the Anonymous warning is questionable; SOPA would in effect make gaming staples such as streaming, screenshots, and Lets Play! videos a felony, something that may hinder the promotion of games. Regardless though, Sony would most likely prefer not to take another beating.

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