More Fire Emblem 3DS Details

Aside from the confirmed future DLC, the latest upcoming Fire Emblem will be packing quite a few good points. Skill sets from the newer games combined with the freedom of Sacred Stones? Yes please!

Details were translated by YouTube commentator shadowofchaos725:

* World (“Free”) Map. As in you can take part in battles not necessarily involved in moving the plot along.
* Skills like those in FE4, FE5, FE8, FE9, and FE10, with more customization than FE10 allowed.
Other things in the video:
* Voice acting during battle sequences
* Dual-attacking give bonuses like Hit+10, Crit+10, and to others I can’t tell´╗┐ the last Kanji of.

Now all Nintendo has to do is release it outside of Japan.