Nintendo Goes DLC

Well, it was bound to happen. Now we just need some additions to their online services. Nintendo was never one to like the practice of DLC, despite their competitors Sony and Microsoft actively using the business model for years.

That seems to be changing now.

With the continued push of Nintendo’s 3DS store and growing amount of storage space (it uses an SD card) as well as the videos and applications that are available, the change was… unsurprising? Perhaps the declining profits pushed them over the edge? Currency valuation problems?

Anyways, the first title to feature this uh, feature, will be their upcoming Fire Emblem title for the 3DS. Now I’m no Nintendo history professor, but I do believe this is the first time ever they’ve offered such a thing. Assuming a fellow Smasher doesn’t bring up a past example. (*hint hint)

So, what to expect? DLC characters? Beats me, but it does remind me of the wild speculation during the Super Smash Bro. Brawl days when they were gunning for Cloud Strife DLC.