Remedy Confirms Alan Wake PC for Q1 2012

After being suddenly “canned” to focus on the Xbox 360 version, it appears as though Alan Wake is making its way to gaming computers everywhere Q1 2012.

Its no longer a rumor kids, get ready to be taken to the small, idyllic rural town of Bright Falls, Washington, Perfect place for a vacation right?

Touting better visuals, a smoother frame-rate, mouse and keyboard controls, and both downloadable episodes (The Signal and The Writer). It seems as though Remedy sees this as a sort of GOTY version.

The critically acclaimed third person survival horror game launched on Xbox 360 in 2010, but was in development and highly anticipated for the PC since its announcement at E3 2005.

Speculation on a computer version ramped up yesterday when it was spotted in the Steam registry, as well as teasing comments from Remedy.

Studio boss Matias Myllyrinne said last year a PC SKU, if it ever happened, had to live up to the Remedy standard of quality.

“Hypothetically, what we care about is the Remedy brand on any game needs to stand for something
“If it is created by us or a port it still needs to live up to the same standard. People need to be able to rely on it when they put down their hard earned money.”

The embedded picture is the first PC screenshot

Source: VGZ24/7