Get Ready to Meet the New GTX 560 Ti

If the naming scheme wasn’t confusing enough for you already, brace yourself for another head ache. Currently, there is a GTX 560 and a GTX 560 Ti. The regular GTX 560 without the Ti name has 336 stream processors and the GTX 560 Ti has 384 stream processors. However, now there is going to be yet another GTX 560, but this time it is going under the same name as the existing GTX 560 Ti.

This new GTX 560 Ti will sport an impressive 448 stream procesors, which should give the card quite a leg up compared to the other GTX 560s. In addition, the new GTX 560 Ti will use the GF110 core that is also used by the GTX 570 (480 stream processors).

As you can see above, the 448 variant is expected to have lower clock speeds compared to the previous Ti version. These clocks seem similar to the GTX 570. Thus, it is likely that these new cards could be cut down GTX 570 cores, which were not stable with the full 480 stream processors enabled. In addition, both the GTX 570 and the new GTX 560 Ti will have 1280MB of GDDR5 memory as well as a 320 bit interface.

This sort of practice in which Nvidia releases a card with the same name as before isn’t new. Nvidia has done something similar with the GTX 260 in the past. If you recall, there was a 216 core variant of the card released under the same name, which was later dubbed core 216 in order to correlate with the number of stream processors the card had.

This new Ti card is also expected to perform pretty close to a GTX 570. Therefore, this is a great card for those on a tighter budget:

Currently, the new GTX 560 Ti is expected Novemeber 29th. So, if you are in the market for a new GPU shop carefully and read those specs.


Reviews of the card have hit the web and it performs as expected. Basically you can expect performance close to that of a GTX 570 for a lower price (approximately $289 USD).