Major BF3 Patch Next Week (Update)

DICE is still working hard on fixing up Battlefield 3 and it looks like there will be a major patch sometime next week. Unfortunately, the console version of the patch may arrive later than the PC version of the patch patch due to the certification process. With that said, here’s a break down of what we can expect from DICE’s patch next week:

-Stability improvements
-Weapon balancing
-Enhanced squad control and functionality
-Refined user interface
-Removal of negative mouse acceleration
-Several unspecified fixes and improvements based on community feedback
-DICE states that, overall, the game will fell more “polished” after the patch

Furthermore, DICE is watching hackers and cheaters closely and the ban hammer may be smashed down once again on those who are ruining the BF3 experience for others. In addition, more specific patch details will be released at a later point in time.


You can check out the full patch list at