Battlefield 3 Review

The game that Battlefield fans have been waiting for is finally here. Will this game succeed in quenching fans’ anticipatory thirst for a battlefield game that can live up to previous titles, or will it get smashed on the battlefield? Let’s grab our SMGs, assault rifles, and rocket launchers in order to find out if this Battlefield is worth the expense.

The Good

Single Player Campaign: The single player experience was pretty entertaining, but it was very linear. I personally had fun playing it for the few hours it lasted. However, it felt like a mixture between BF:BC2 and Call of Duty at times. This can be a good or bad thing depending on what you were expecting.

If you are more of a hard core player that enjoys more of a sand box experience you may want to just skip the single player and go right into the multiplayer portion of the game. That’s right; you can expect a ton of rail sequences, quick time events, and parts of the game where you are unable to open doors until a member of your squad opens it for you.

Multiplayer: This is where Battlefield 3 really shines. At Battlefield’s core is an experience that provides gamers with numerous amounts of vehicles and weapons at their disposal. Conquest is the capture the flag mode that BF veterans will most identify with. There is also Rush, which is returning from the Bad Company series. Basically, you either attack or defend two main com stations and if both of them are lost the Battlefield expands. In addition, there’s also a death match mode. Overall, the multiplayer provides a solid experience that old school fans can appreciate.

Graphics: BF3 is one of the best looking games released to date. This time around they have DX11 as well as some tessellation. Battlefield 3 is not just your run of the mil console port. The developers spent a lot of time optimizing the game for every rig and fine tuning the details.  In fact, upon release it ran much better than what people were probably expecting, while maintaining the visual fidelity that made our jaws drop. Furthermore, both the 360 and PS3 manage to pump out impressive visuals as well, but it is no question that the PC version of the game is ahead in the graphics department

COOP: Unfortunately, this mode is limited to two players and 6 missions. However, the missions you get to play are executed with enough detail to keep it from seeming like an afterthought. COOP is a lot of fun and you even get to unlock some multiplayer weapons by completing missions. However, with only 6 missions you’re going to have to play those same missions over and over again to get all of the weapons unlocked.

The Bad

AI Hiccups: Your teammate AI can range to slightly helpful to absolutely terrible. Usually your so called helpful squad will fail to shoot enemies that are right in front of them. You will probably wonder why they didn’t just deploy a one man army to the battlefield in the first place.

Fortunately, the enemy AI is a bit better. However, at times they can seem either too overpowered or just weak. For example, you may spot an enemy, but they already have their sights on you before you even make a noise. It’s almost as if they had some sort of aimbot cone of death pointed right at you. On the opposite end of the spectrum, sometimes the enemy AI fails to recognize you for a bit and this can make them a bit too easy. Overall, the AI was somewhat acceptable, but sometimes the AI, whether it’s your friends or the enemy, just seems a bit off.

Bugs: There are still some bugs lurking around here and there in the game. Most of the bugs I have experienced were in the single player portion of the game, but no doubt there are still some here and there in the Multiplayer portion as well. Having been in both the Alpha and the Beta test, I can say that DICE has done a pretty good job fixing up most of the problems, but their job isn’t over yet.


Battlefield 3 successfully manages to bring back that old school Battlefield feeling. There are still some elements that may make it feel a bit like Bad Company, but overall it should meet most expectations of hardcore fans. BF3 is the full package with a singleplayer, Coop, and multiplayer portion of the game. While the single player isn’t exactly what hardcore fans would call a Battlefield experience it still manages to entertain enough to be a worth while endeavor. The Coop is a lot of fun, but it simply needs more levels to prevent it from becoming a grind to unlock a few multiplayer weapons. BF3’s multiplayer is what the game is all about and it definitely delivers. Overall, BF3 is the full package that most hardcore BF fans will enjoy.

Battlefield 3 Review by FacTor-X