More Ivy Bridge Information Released

Ivy Bridge won’t hit retailers until around March/April 2012, but that doesn’t stop Intel from slowly revealing a bit of new information every now and then. These 22nm CPU’s will essentially be a die shrink of Sandy Bridge, but with a better on-die GPU and some minor architectural improvements. For instance, Ivy Bridge will have a GPU with 30% more EUs (Execution units – Intel’s version of stream processors). Compared to Intel’s Sandy Bridge, these new CPUs give a 60% performance boost in application that utilize GPU acceleration.

Additionally, Ivy bridge will consume less power. Ivy Bridge will have a TDP of 77W compared to Sandy Bridge’s 95W. This will allow overclockers to push clock speeds even further. On the other hand, the naming scheme will stay the same. The new processors will be branded as the 3000 series (make sure you get the K model for the unlocked multiplier).

And, don’t forget the new CPUs will use 3D tri-gate transistor technology (shown below).