Rumor: AMD FX Benchmarks (Smashed)

A turkish website by the name of, has posted some interesting benchmarks for AMD’s upcoming Bulldozer architecture. The benchmark shows off an AMD FX-8150 (8 core) vs an expensive high end Intel i7 980x (6 core) processor in gaming.

Currently rumors suggest that the FX-8150 will be priced around $250, which is a pretty decent price. However, we haven’t seen any benchmarks with the FX-8150 against the Intel core i7 2600k. The main question is how well it will compete against Intel’s current sandy bridge offerings and how late AMD is to the table. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure the new FX series processors definitely pack quite a punch for those still waiting on them. In fact, on the overclocking front AMD’s team managed to get the 8150 to over 8GHz using liquid Helium.

Update: Rumor Smashed

Unfortunately, said benchmarks from said questionable Turkish site are false.