Dead Island’s PC Launch Woes

Sometimes you wonder how they could screw something up this bad. By now, most of you may have heard that the current PC version of Dead Island has been lobotomized by game-destroying bugs. Hoards of angry Steam users have taken to the forums reporting issues with bugs and odd happenings, such as having the developer console enabled.

Just three days ago, it was reported that Steam had slipped up by accidentally uploading a developer build instead of the final one that developers had intended. Unfortunately for game developer Techland, this also led to the discovery of some rather offensive unused game code.

Instead of reloading the true build, the developer has released a patch that fixes over 40 issues for the game which should be available now.

However, as of this post, the current Steam iteration of the game still appears to be lacking with reports of broken online and LAN play, game-crashing resolution changes, and possible erased game saves.

According to PS member finalxcx, the current patched build continues to be riddled with graphical bugs and still lacks anti-aliasing, Vsync, and a proper save function.

[Update] Instructions to manually enable Vsync in the game can be found here.

For now, we’ll keep waiting for more fixes. In the mean time, you might want to hold off on that purchase.

[Thanks finalxcx!]

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