Back to the Future Shoes Official (Video)

Nike has officially announced the Back to the Future line of Nike shoes with a few videos showing off their new product. The world in which the film has depicted draws closer and closer. The shoes are sure to be a big hit among fans of the movie. Check out the videos below.

Previous Trailers:

Here are the original shoes from the movie:

However, the shoes are quite expensive and are only available via auction on Ebay in limited quantities. These shoes do not have power lacing, but all of the proceeds will go to the Michael Jay Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Nike claims that power lacing functionality will not be available until 2015 as shown in their patented description.

Now, to continue to match the movie’s vision of 2015, all we need are flying vehicles, hover boards, auto-drying self-powered jackets, and a holographic shark that comes lunging out of nowhere.