Epic Going Back to PC as Primary Platform

Apologies? Maybe some are in order after some of the comments and actions Epic has taken in favor of consoles. Over the years Epic has moved PC gaming towards the back of their agenda, and now they want to get back into the PC side of things.

News of this turnaround came out when the President of Epic Games Mike Capps stated the following at Gamescom in Germany:

Everyone knows the middle class is disappearing from the console business. Gears of War I hope will do really well, but a pretty good game doesn’t make its money back any more. A game like Homefront sells a couple of million copies and they close the studio, right? You don’t want to see what happens to an industry where it’s Call of Duty, Halo and Gears and no-one else has enough money to make any games any more. That’s not a fun industry. I can’t bet my entire company every time I make a game. That’s a really dangerous business. It’s nice to target the PC as a primary platform again, not just for ports.

So, companies are now claiming that the “console era” maybe coming to an end, as digital distribution services such as Steam, Impulse, Origin, and Direct2Drive are now taking over the mainstream. As consoles becomes more and more PC-like the divide will not be as clear and developers will once again shift attention to the PC.

However, some may find it hard to believe Epic is truly devoted to and shifting back its focus to the PC. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn into “back to PC until the next-gen console” sort of deal.

Source: Tomshardware.com