Sandybridge-E CPUs May Ship without Heatsinks

Intel may have finally come to the realization that their stock cooling solution isn’t cutting it for most users. These enthusiast based processors will consume more power, and as a result heat will play a major factor, especially when overclocking.

…the forthcoming 3820, 3930K and 3960X CPUs will be rated at 130 watts, but will consume closer to 180W and draw up to 23 amps from the 12V2 supply rail — all without overclocking, mind you.

The Intel Core i7 3820 is a quad core CPU and the 3930K and 3960X are six core CPUs. One can speculate that Intel may be working on a revision of their current heatsink in order to properly cool these new processors. Maybe Intel will release their own high end cooling solution, one that may in fact compete with other vendors such as Thermalright or Corsair. Either way, it’s nice to see some speculation and acknowledgement over the poor performance of the current stock Intel heatsink.