WH 40K: Space Marine Demo Announced

A demo for the highly anticipated thirdperson oriented Warhammer game will be available soon. Space Marine is a different take on the Warhammer franchise as it doesn’t follow suit with the RTS type of gameplay. In addition, at first there weren’t even plans for a PC version of the game. However, it’s time to put all of those concerns to the test.

This week starting August 18th if you preordered the PC version of the game on Steam or next week starting August 23rd for those who are still up in the air, gamers will be treated to a demo for the new Warhammer game. The demo will launch on both the Xbox 360 and the PC via Steam simultaneously on August 23rd. However, the PS3 version will be slightly late to the party since it is coming out on August 24th. Here’s what we can expect to play:

The Space Marine demo features two very different areas of the game. The first pits the player against an Ork horde outside the gates of a munitions factory. Armed with six devastating weapons, including the iconic bolter and lethal chainsword, the player will get to experience Space Marine’s seamless mix of melee and ranged combat first hand as they take on the rampaging invaders. The second area gives players a taste of the exhilarating Jump Pack sequences where the game’s hero—Captain Titus—takes to the skies to rain death from above.

However, if you haven’t preordered the game there is still a chance to get in a day early if you are anxious to give it a try.

Space Marine ‘Honour Guard’ community members will also get the chance to play the demo early on August 22nd, 24 hours prior to the public launch. For more information on how to sign up to get the demo visit http://www.spacemarine.com/user/register and make sure you have registered with the Honour Guard.

Side Note: Yours Truly has already taken the plunge and preordered the game.

Source: facebook.com