AMD Enters DRAM Market – Consumers Can now Purchase Radeon Branded System Memory

AMD revealed their new Radeon DDR3 DRAM modules for systems. The modules will be split up into three categories:

Entertainment – Series
Fast and reliable.
The best choice for digital entertainment
whether HD/3D Movies, Video & Music editing
or for a thrilling video game experience

ULTRA PRO Gaming – Series
Hand selected high quality memory parts.
Provides the head room to succeed in critical gaming missions.
Ultra fast, highly reliable, no drop outs, no delays.
The first choice for the enthusiast video gamer.

Enterprise – Series
AMD Radeon Enterprise Server Series has been developed for the most popular mission critical servers. All memory modules in this line are server and workstation specific and tested to ensure compatibility.

Unfortunately, modules are only available in 2GB capacities. So, that’s DDR3 1333MHz with 9-9-9 timings for the Entertainment series, DDR3 1600MHz with 11-11-11 timings for the Ultra Pro Gaming series, and the Enterprise series specifications is to be determined. In addition, sites such as are now selling the AMD Radeon branded system memory (only costs $9.99 CAD or approx. $10.05 USD). By the looks of these specs, these memory modules are intended for entry level systems that are built on a low budget (more likely to be coupled with AMD’s APUs). It will be interesting to see if AMD treads into the performance sector with larger memory capacities per module and lower latency timings.