Quakecon 2011 John Carmack Keynote

The big man on campus shares his challenges and future endeavors in game development. Carmack elaborates key hardware architectural challenges associated with console hardware. Specifically with limited RAM and access times of both DVD and Blu-Ray discs. He also informs us that even though PC hardware is much more powerful there is still some limiting factors on the driver side coupled with low level programming that needs to be addressed.

Additionally, Carmack also wishes he could have spent more time with the PC in order to fully take advantage of the available hardware and extra memory that the PC can provide developers. However, he states that there is still ample time to take advantage of most of the key effects such as high res textures, improved AA and AF techniques, as well as caching. Unfortunately, DX11 will most likely not be implemented within RAGE, for Carmack reveals that in order for id to use DX11 it would be from the ground up and not tacked on with minor utilization of features such as tessellation. So, it is more likely that DOOM 4 will encompass DX11 packaged with the latest and greatest effects and graphics.