New PS Vita Hardware Info

Nothing major, but it does give us a better perspective on things. During an interview with Develop, Novarama CEO Dani Sánchez-Crespo, let slip a tidbit on the PS Vita’s final RAM configuration when asked about the rumored hardware nerf:

“no that won’t affect us. It’s actually good for developers to work under constraint. Generally for Vita, we still have a whole lot of headroom in terms of GPU power, CPU power and indeed RAM”. “Remember the PSP had 32 MG of RAM, we have about ten times that now.”

The stated “about ten times” would be larger than the rumored 256MB, hovering around 320MB to possibly 384MB. Compared to the PS3’s 256MB XDR & 256MB GDDR3 configuration, it’s still quite formidable given the smaller screen, especially if the device still contains extra video memory that has not been announced.

On the CPU front, the quad-core ARM9 Cortex-A9 processor that runs the PS-Vita was reported to be developed by Samsung using a 45nm process. Details are still scarce however.