Blizzard Cutting Down StarCraft II Servers

Though it’s not exactly bad news as it links some regions together. Ah region locking, something that has bugged us ever since it disallowed different continents from playing together. However, effective July 18th, Blizzard will have their StarCraft II servers cut in half, with two different regions being linked together to give a bigger player pool.

EU players will soon be able to play their Russian counterparts and North Americans will be able compete with their brethren in Latin America.

While not exactly the free world-wide situation we’d like to have, it’s still good to play with an increased pool of StarCraft II gamers, even if we don’t understand a word they’re saying other than “gg”.

We do feel some pity for the players that are currently connected to the servers in Taiwan though; they’re being linked to the Koreans.