Mother Charged For Killing 5-Year-Old

After the child accidentally destroys a TV while playing with the Nintendo Wii. We’ve all heard of instances where the Wii Remote ends up wrecking a television somewhere. Usually, we’d look on in despair at the damaged television and move on while taking extra steps to make sure that such an incident would not happen again in the future.

Unfortunately, for 5-year-old Jamal Johnson, this was not the case.

After being informed of what happened, the mother, 21-year-old Kim Crawford, proceeded to hit him “harder than I’ve ever hit him” twice in the back and stomach. The attack was so vicious that the child started to vomit and suffered prolonged abdominal pain. The mother then refused to take him to the hospital fearing the discovery of the bruises, which she believed would have gotten her arrested.

Without medical help, the child slowly succumbed to his injuries after suffering five days of agonizing pain while having his severely damaged pancreas and intestinal tract infected.

Police have stated Crawford has had a history of domestic violence and drug abuse.