Nintendo Hints At New Zelda HD

No, we’re not talking about Skyward Sword, we mean a completely new game designed for the Wii-U. During the Wii-U presentation, viewers could not help but notice the scene which showed Link fighting off a gigantic boss spider. What’s interesting however, is that the lighting and style were much more similar to the darker Twilight Princess, instead of the light and colorful Skyward Sword.

While Nintendo hasn’t been very talkative whether the title exists, Game Informer believes that the game is indeed in development:

Nintendo described the demo as an “example of what Zelda might look like on this system if it were designed with the Twilight Princess art style.” The publisher was exceedingly coy about whether or not it’s actually working on such a project, but all signs point to likely.

Considering that the Wii-U is slated for release in 2012, and Skyward Sword will come out this holiday, a Wii-U release for Skyward Sword seems unlikely. Regardless though, a darker and grittier HD version of Zelda is what many of us are craving right now.

Game Informer