Nintendo Conference Roundup

Nintendo’s E3 conference will be a special one. They will be the only ones announcing a new console. Check out our breakdown along with some videos and screens below:


-25th Anniversary of Zelda
-The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening will be on the 3DS eShop
-Zelda Skyword Sword will be released this holiday with a golden Wii remote
-Nintendo’s president took the stage and started to talk about a game platform that will appeal to all audiences, both casual and hardcore players.
-Reggie takes the stage and states that people want something new. He then goes onto restate that they want a platform that will appeal to both audiences. However, they are focusing on the titles that will be released this year first.
-MarioKart 3DS trailer
-Starfox 3DS game will feature some motion controls and voice chat. It will be released this September.
-Super Mario 3D for the 3DS trailer. The game will be out this holiday season.
-Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer. The game will also be released at the end of the year.
-Luigi’s Mansion 2 trailer
-A new update will be available on the 3DS that will have its own virtual console for classic games. In addition, there will also be updates and downloadable content.
-PokeDex 3DS will allow Pokemon gamers to get more Pokemon.
-Reggie goes back to stating that they want to make a system for everyone.

The new system is called the “Wii U”
-The Wii U controller is a touch screen with buttons. You can play full games just on the controller itself.
-The controller will also augment existing games. It comes with a built in rumble and speakers.
-They already have accessories like a gun planned for the device.
-You can voice chat using the device as well. It also it is also packed with motion sensing as well.
-Old Wii accessories such as the Wii Fit can be reused on the system.
-The internet portion of the console will play a larger role. This includes web browsing, video chatting, and more.
Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will have cross-platform play support.
-Wii U demonstration trailer
-Super Mario Brothers Mii will be available on the Wii U.
-Lego City Stories for the Wii U and the 3DS announced
-They are now shifting focus to the new console.
-A trailer with developers praising the new controller and the system was shown
-Darksiders 2, Batman Arkham City, Ghost Recon Online, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Dirt, Aliens Colonial Marines, Tekken, Ninja Gaiden 3, and more will be available on the new console.
-The console is capable of handling all of the latest games on the market.
-EA’s CEO takes the stage and starts to talk about the system’s capabilities. He praises the controller and the new powerful hardware.
-Reggie takes the stage and they plan to provide updates at


MarioKart Trailer:

Super Mario 3DS Trailer:

Wii U Trailer: