Nintendo’s Next Console: Wii-U

The long awaited next-generation system is finally revealed. The console features the much rumored touch-screen controller.

The unit features a 6.2 inch screen and connects directly to the TV. All Wii games and accessories are compatible with the new system. In addition, the new system will have 1080p support and several USB ports.

It also features an option to immediately switch gameplay from the TV to the controller screen itself, allowing others to watch baseball while you game without interruption.

Some other interactions shown were a game of Go being played on a table and wireless interaction between the console and the TV such as the throwing of a shuriken.

Graphics hardware is currently unknown, but the above screenshot supposedly shows off the Wii-U’s real-time graphics capability.

Main features include rumble, a front facing camera, a touch screen, speakers, microphone, accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

Confirmed titles:
Super Smash Bros.
Darksiders II
Dirt 3
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Ghost Recon Online
Metro Last Light
Ninja Gaiden 3: Ninja’s Edge

No word yet on the price and the actual hardware in the the machine.