EA Conference RoundUp

The EA conference was short and sweet combined with some awesome footage of certain games. Check out the breakdown along with some trailers below:


-Need for speed: Run Demo
-Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Trailer
-SSX Premiere TRailer. The game is set for 2012. It uses Nasa Sattleite data for levels.
-Fifa 2012 Announced
-Madden 12 Announced
-The Sims social Announced for Facebook.
-OverStrike Announced. The game is developed by Insomniac games. It will be set in the future and follows a team sent out to stop a terrorist organization.
-BF3 Gameplay (lots of it!).
-BF3 Multiplatform open beta set for Spetember.
-BF3 official release date is October 25th.


BF3 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer:

BF3 Frostbite Trailer:

BF3 Tank Gameplay:

SSX Trailer:

The Sims Social Trailer:

OverStrike Trailer:

Need for Speed: Run Trailer: