Microsoft E3 2011 Conference RoundUp

Hey there, did you miss something? Don’t worry we have your back. Check out the breakdown combined with some trailers from the Microsoft conference below:


Crytek’s next game is Ryse
-Minecraft is coming to the Xbox 360 and it uses Kinect.
-Halo Remake using the Halo REach Engine
-Halo 4 in the works. It is labeled the start of a new trilogy. This means there probably are plans for halo 5 and 6 already.
-Modern Warfare 3 gameplay
-Mass Effect 3 Gameplay and the game uses the Kinect for voice commands.
-Star Wars Kinect Gameplay
Kinect to feature some TV remote features which utilize voice commands. In addition, they plan to incorporate a similar feature with the their Bing search engine.


Halo Remake Trailer:

Halo 4 Trailer:

Mass Effect Kinect Gameplay from Kotaku

Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay:

Mass Effect 3 Demo:

Need for Speed Run Demo: