Nintendo Console Name Confusion

Rumors abound before E3, and speculation about Nintendo’s next console is no exception. Earlier, the internet came abuzz when it was rumored that Nintendo had chosen “Beem” as the name of their next generation console. As reported by Lo-ping, a member of NeoGAF revealed a list of new domain names that were filed in the past months, all of them which had the name of “Beem”.

However, Kotaku has found out that the “Beem” name was originally used in one of IGN’s Wii 2 mock-up contests (pictured above) and that the creator of the mock-up, Aaron Carr, also owns and; two of which are in the domain name listed from NeoGAF.

To increase speculation further, Game Informer has just published an article suggesting that Nintendo’s next console will just be called “Nintendo”, following the trend of an extremely simplistic naming scheme that originated with the Wii.

So what’s the name going to be? None of us outside of Nintendo currently knows; we’ll just have to wait patiently and see.

Game Informer