SSFIV:AA PC Character DRM Removed

After some angry responses from consumers, Capcom has relented on this part. Previously, the DRM restricted owners of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition to a measly 15 characters of the possible 39 in offline play. As of now (or whenever you get the patch), that DRM has now been removed and players will have full access to all 39 characters offline.

The main reasoning behind the decision was explained by Senior VP, Christian Svensson:

To try and make this discussion more constructive, I engaged our fans in the Ask Capcom forum on how best to improve the situation.

The argument that legitimate users would have a worse experience than pirates was the loudest and most convincing. We certainly don’t want that to be the case and that was never our intention.

So we’ve heard you loud and clear and here’s what we’re going to do about it:

Shortly after launch (it might even be at launch, but we’ll see how submission timing and approval goes) we will roll out a small title update that will completely remove the character limitations for offline mode.

It’s good to see the company listen to consumers, but one does have to ponder if Capcom was simply testing their fan-base. Did they seriously forget to consider that the pirates would be getting a better version than actual consumers because of the DRM?