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Master your large household chores with the 6/10 cleaning method: A busy mom’s secret to efficiency

Discover stress-free and efficient way to maintain a clean, organized home every day!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending household chores?

Are you constantly worried about maintaining a clean and organized home?

If yes, here’s a solution you’ll find incredibly beneficial – the 6/10 cleaning method.

Designed by a busy mom, this ingenious approach breaks down the massive task of cleaning a large household into manageable daily and weekly chores.

It consists of six daily tasks that maintain a basic level of cleanliness and ten weekly tasks that target specific areas.

You’ll find that this method not only increases efficiency but significantly reduces the stress of keeping your home clean.

So, get ready to transform your cleaning routine with this practical and effective method!

Daily tasks in the 6/10 cleaning method

The daily tasks are prioritized, allowing the mom to focus on these six essential chores each day.

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These daily tasks include making the beds, washing the dishes, scrubbing the sink, wiping the counters, vacuuming the house, and doing one load of laundry.

These tasks are designed to maintain a basic level of cleanliness and order in the house.

Weekly tasks in the 6/10 cleaning method

In addition to the daily tasks, the 6/10 cleaning list includes ten weekly chores.

These tasks are more thorough and include wiping out the fridge and microwave, tidying the pantry, mopping the floors, and cleaning the bathrooms.

These chores target specific areas and appliances in the house that don’t require daily cleaning but need attention over the week.

Implementing the 6/10 cleaning method in large households

Applying the 6/10 cleaning method in a large household is not only possible but incredibly beneficial.

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It helps to break down the overwhelming task of cleaning a large home into manageable chunks.

For example, if your household consists of several bedrooms, you could assign each family member a day to vacuum their room, thereby distributing the task over the week.

Benefits of the 6/10 cleaning method

With the 6/10 cleaning method, you’ll find that your household becomes more organized, and the stress of maintaining cleanliness decreases significantly.

This method allows you to stay focused on a set of tasks each day, rather than constantly worrying about the entire house.

It not only promotes efficiency but also ensures that every part of the house gets the attention it needs over the week.

The 6/10 cleaning method is a practical and effective way of managing household chores, particularly in large households.

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It’s a simple routine that requires consistency and commitment, but the results are undeniably worth it.

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